Short name: AMPHI

Country: DENMARK

Type of organisation: SME

Since 1993, AMPHI group has worked with environmental consulting and nature restoration all over Europe. The company has an extensive experience in long-term conservation and recovery of several fauna groups (i.e. Amphibians, Insects, Birds, Bats) and their habitats, especially freshwater habitats. This includes our involvement in EIA, where our main focus is to avoid or mitigate the impacts on biodiversity by identifying their hotspots throughout monitoring, GIS mapping, and to recreate a habitat connectivity by building fauna passages, permanent and temporary fences along transport infrastructures.
AMPHI has built the first Amphibians tunnel in 5 European countries: Denmark in 1997, Sweden in 1998, Poland in 2000, Lithuania in 2013 and Estonia in 2015.
Besides, the company has developed several products, i) eDNA monitoring, ii) Nature-Based Solutions combining rainwater management, biodiversity and social space.
AMPHI group has been involved in several LIFE Nature & Biodiversity, LIFE Climate Adaptation, H2020 RIA and IA projects, and therefore has a great network that the project could benefit from.
AMPHI and its polish subsidiary FPP Enviro have ongoing projects which include monitoring the impact of railways and roads as well as high voltage power lines on fauna and the use of fauna under and overpasses (covering field studies and analyses as well as reporting and recommendations for further actions).