Short name: Anas

Country: Italy

Type of organisation: Industrial/Transport

Anas is the National Roads and Highways Administration in Italy since 1928. It is the primary Road Manager in the field of road design, construction, maintenance and research. It is under the technical surveillance of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, owned by Ferrovie dello Stato S.p.A. holding.
Anas – with its Headquarters in Rome – is divided into 16 territorial units. It directly manages almost 30.000 km of state roads including 938 km of motorways of national relevance. The network includes 1.900 tunnels almost the half on the entire European scene. It employs 6.000 units including roadmen, engineers and architects, and was granted BVQI certification stating its activities meet the UNI ISO9001/2008 quality standards.
Its main tasks are: network management, road maintenance and upgrading; construction of new state roads and motorways directly or as work contracted out. Furthermore, Anas is also involved in research activities in the field of pavements, safety, environment, energy, transport, mobility, traffic monitoring, surveillance and info-service to users.
Anas is member of key International and European road body/organization (i.e. EURORAP, CEDR, WRA, FEHRL, IRF). Anas has a commitment to the design, construction and management of road infrastructure focuses on network safety, environmental protection, and energy efficiency, as well as on safeguarding the landscape.
The main goal is to ensure the territorial continuity of the road network and an ever safer and more efficient viability, in accordance with the time and costs estimated, even though the study and use of innovative technologies.
Furthermore, the attention towards social, ethical and environmental responsibility plays a primary role in defining the Anas’ commitment areas and assessing the results, while promoting the protection of persons and resources and increasing the mutual trust between the company and the collectivity.
The management of the company is based on the creation of a virtuous circle founded on those principles guiding the corporate assets, the management processes and the organizational communication.
In order to constantly improve the level of safety, the knowledge of materials, reduce pollutants, etc. Anas through the Cesano Research Centre (CRC) tests construction materials, particularly those used in roadways. The experience gained over time, the modern equipment and the advanced computer systems used make the Centre a benchmark for certified consulting services and for high-performance testing and services for modern roadnetwork management. Since 1968, the CRC is listed as one of the official State national laboratories (Italian Law no. 95/68). With its own technicians, the Centre participates in work groups and committees that prepare and update technical standards and spread road-related knowledge.