Short name: MoTC SR

Country: Slovak Republic

Type of organisation: Ministry

The development of sustainable transport and transport infrastructure in Slovakia is one of the most relevant reasons for the positive support of the economic and socio-demographic development of Slovakia. At the same time, we also perceive the great essence of preserving the “environmental beauty” of our small country, without the perception of which the pursuit of economic development would only be a black and white perception of the reality. From this point of view, in addition to its primary focus, the Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak republic is also interested in the interconnection of transport infrastructure with the environment, the protection and preservation of bio-corridors as a “transport infrastructure” for wildlife. By respecting this interconnection, we will contribute to a significant reduction in the accident rate of vehicles with wildlife.
A priority of MoT is to construct infrastructure that will minimize interference with environmental corridors and promote road safety. MoT will help nationally to raise awareness of the importance of including green infrastructure and mitigation of transport infrastructure effects into linear transport infrastructure (LTI) and to exchange knowledge on the topic at the transnational level.
The Department of Transport Infrastructure Development is one of two departments of Institute of Transport Policy. Among other responsibilities, our Department cooperates with the departments of the Ministry, subordinate organizations and scientific research institutions in the definition of input and output indicators of transport modeling, coordinate the preparation of opinions and proposals on the trans-European transport networks (TEN-T) in line with the output of the transport modeling, cooperates with factual units in formulating a strategy for the comprehensive development of transport infrastructure (including strategic objectives, defining and justifying priorities and measures for their implementation) and in developing comprehensive conceptual and development materials in the field of transport infrastructure, in connection with the approved development documents of the state, cooperates in the elaboration and specification of the transport policy, cooperates with central state administration authorities in dealing with land use for investment construction of the resort with regard to the approved development plans of the Ministry in the area of transport infrastructure.
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