Country: ISRAEL

Type of organisation: Legal person, non-profit,
Multimodal transport infrastructure administration

NETIVEI ISRAEL – National Transport Infrastructure Company is a non-profit state-owned company, successor to Ma’atz – Public Works Department, 1921 (a supplementary unit of the Ministry of Transport, which operated for decades under the Ministry of Transportation) and INRC (Israel National Roads Company, 2003).
Netivei Israel operates as road authority developing and maintaining the interurban roads infrastructure in Israel. Inter alia Netivei Israel provides maintenance to more than 8,500 kilometres of roads and 1300 road structures (including 400 bridges).
Netivei Israel operates modern National Traffic Management Center and provides informational services to drivers.
Since Netivei Israel is in charge of executing of national multi-modal transport infrastructure programs planning, designing and constructing new railway lines and brand-new airport in Israel utilising advanced technologies and methodologies.
Netivim College is successful initiative of Netivei Israel which aims to build an institutional capacity, to enrich knowledge and train experts who will be able to execute transport infrastructure programs and to work in the projects. Netivim College offers training, courses, workshops and info days to Israeli industry.
Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility department implements initiatives and strategies which aim to minimise an impact transport infrastructure (motorways, railways and airport) on environment.
Netivei Israel established and maintains international connections with its partners abroad. The company is a member of the leading organisations in the industry, including the FEHRL, ITA and participates in activities of TRB, PIARC, IRF and other international organisations.
Netivei Israel has been a partner in the following international R&D projects funded by EC Horizon 2020: RESIST (2018), Infra4DFuture (2018), FOX (2016), AEROBI (2015), INFRAVATION (2014) and FP7: INROADS (2012), INCRIS (2011).