Round table 2: The right Socio-Economic speed: HSR a tool for growth and spatial challenges

Moderator: Mr Thami GHORFI ITALY, Prof. Oliviero BACCELLI, Università Bocconi, Milan Italy JAPAN, JR-East: Mr Hideaki KURODA, Director of Paris Office McKinsey & Company: Mr Carsten LOTZ, Partner OTIF: Mr Wolfgang KÜPPER, Secretary general MOROCCO: Mr Karim GHELLAB, former Minister for Infrastructure and Transport GERMANY, SIEMENS Mobility: Mr Léon SOULIER, CEO Siemens Turnkey UNECE: Mr […]

High Speed on the Move

Keynote Speech on Rail Industry, Mr Philippe CITROËN, UNIFE Director General Moderator: Mr Thami GHORFI Asia Pacific: Australia: Mr Barry BROE, CEO, National Faster Rail Agency / South Korea: KNR Mr Sun Joong Kim, Senior Railway Engineer Middle-East: UAE: Mr Mohammed Alshehhi, Deputy Executive Director of Projects, Etihad Rail / Qatar: Mr. Saleh Al Marri, […]

Alliance of Universities for High-Speed Rail (AUHSR) and presentation of Hackathon projects

Moderators: Professor LI Dewei and Professor Paul PLUMMER Introduction: presentation of the Alliance of Universities for High-Speed Rail (AUHSR) including the projects part of the 3-year programme and the on-going study on the New Normal post covid Presentation of the three finalists of the hackathon organised by the Mohammed VI University in Benguerir Vote of […]

Closing Ceremony

Moderator: Mr Thami GHORFI Result of Hackathon - Awards Best off of the 11th edition Announcement of the Next Congress Closing Remarks: Mr Mohamed KHLIE, ONCF Director General and Mr François DAVENNE, UIC Director General